A Brief History of Orthodoxy

Types of Services

The Orthodox Church has more than 2000 years of musical, written, and cultural tradition. There are several kinds of services that occur in the Church’s calendar cycle. The few listed below are the most common services celebrated in our parish:

  • Divine Liturgy is the culmination of our worship on Sunday mornings. This is the most heavily-attended and comprehensive of our service offerings. This celebrates our Lord’s sacrifice through the Eucharist (or Communion) for the Faithful.
  • Vespers or vigil is celebrated every Saturday evening and on feast days. Vespers is a beautiful evening prayer service, usually done according to the Byzantine Rite. Vespers is peppered with psalms and scripture. On certain occasions, a Vesperal Liturgy is held, during which the usual vespers service is followed by the Eucharist (or Communion).
  • Services of need can be requested by any interested member or non-member. These services include weddings, baptisms, panikhidas (funeral service), molebens, among others. Contact Fr. Senyo for more information or to schedule a service.

A Brief History

There are already many valuable resources that reference the history of Orthodox Christianity. We have compiled a list of sources that should be helpful if you have questions about Orthodoxy. However, we would be glad to answer your questions as well — contact us!


  • Ancient Faith Radio: Seeks to deepen and enrich the faith of Orthodox Christians around the world with streaming audio programming, live call-ins, and on-demand podcasts. It features liturgical music from a variety of Orthodox traditions as well as prayers, readings, lectures, and interviews.
  • History of Orthodoxy FAQ: Take a look through some frequently asked questions on the Orthodox faith and the Church. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please let us know.
  • OCA.org: The Orthodox Church in America (the jurisdiction with which our Parish is affiliated) offers current news and information on the history of the Orthodox Church and the Church in America.
  • Library: Our Church library includes a wide selection of religious texts and spiritual materials to help both Orthodox and non-Orthodox develop a stronger bond with Christ.
  • The Orthodox Christian Information Center: You can read materials on the history of the Orthodox Church, but the best way to learn is through worship, prayer, and ascetic struggle. This site provides information from a convert’s view to help in understanding the Orthodox Church.